INVEST in our students to become active citizens of and professionals for Europe.


The vision of INVEST is to create a modern European University satisfying needs and requirements of the new generation of Europeans as the leaders in introducing sustainable life in regions across Europe.

We see INVEST as a fully functioning, innovative, and bottom-up network of universities, achieving higher standards in education, training, research, and innovation through international synergy and excellence taking greater responsibilities towards the development of an inclusive society and knowledge-based economy.

Student-centered education will become a reality and students will actively participate in the development of their learning, in the discovery of new knowledge, and in any decision-making process within INVEST.


Students are an integral part of the project implementation and they are actively involved in the formation of the INVEST university structures. Student representative of each partner in the consortium represents the interests of the respective students' community in the INVEST Academic Board. Besides being involved in the decision-making process, INVEST attracts students through a variety of actions that diversify and enhance the teaching process.

Topical winter and summer schools are the main attraction, providing students with a multi-day, fully covered stay at partner universities with an interesting study and cultural program. Full semester studies are offered through the mobility, either covered by the project funds or through the ‘classical’ Erasmus+ mobility. More information on the winter/summer schools and mobility will be available soon.