Our mission

The INVEST will develop its mission with the following activities:

  • engaged research - transfer of technology and innovation by providing services for enterprises through their consultancy centers, laboratories, cooperation with business incubators, technological parks, realizing research topics important for society, etc.;
  • engaged education - address community labor market needs, providing flexible study programs, providing information about programs and courses in the field of lifelong learning and continuing education, offering distance learning, public training, etc.;
  • enabling studying to vulnerable groups and students with disabilities by providing equal opportunities for all seeking higher education;
  • creation of an open society and support for cultural diversity and broader horizons through participation in mobility;
  • social engagement - public open lectures. public events, public discussions on social issues, voluntary work and consultancy by university staff and/or students, etc.


As a long-term priority INVEST will be working to strengthen the university business relationship to become a driver of the development of the regions within the main 3 focus areas, being an active part of the local community life.